The allure of Woodinville, then, is a timeless testament to luxurious living in harmony with nature.

Welcome to Woodinville

Luxurious living with local wines, natural beauty, and urban proximity
Woodinville is a symphony of refined living and natural grandeur located within the verdant folds of Washington state. Renowned for its award-winning wineries and blooming agrarian landscapes, this charming locale offers an invigorating blend of accessibility and serenity, just a stone's throw from energetic Seattle.
The warmth of the Pacific Northwest climate is mirrored in Woodinville's architectural ethos, which is deeply rooted in craftsman and contemporary styles. Homes here are often characterized by lush lawns, expansive terraces, and thoughtfully designed living spaces that embody comfort and sophistication. These residences harmonize beautifully with the surrounding evergreens, reflecting a profound respect for nature.
Founded in the late 19th century, Woodinville boasts a rich history that adds a layer of depth to its allure. The Sammamish River, a serene waterway coursing through the heart of the town, has been a lifeline for centuries, sustaining the fertile farmlands and fostering a sense of community. Here, residents revel in the luxury of space, the freshness of local produce, and the sheer beauty of their surroundings. The allure of Woodinville, then, is a timeless testament to luxurious living in harmony with nature.

What to Love

  • Award-winning wineries offer exquisite tastings and events
  • Luxurious residences harmonize with stunning natural landscapes
  • Proximity to Seattle's metropolitan amenities
  • An abundance of green spaces for outdoor pursuits
  • Rich historical roots lend depth to community life
  • Local farmers’ markets provide fresh, artisanal produce

Local Lifestyle

Immersed in the tranquility of Woodinville, one finds a lifestyle steeped in a unique blend of suburban ease and rural charm. This haven exudes a laid-back ambiance that invites a slower, more mindful pace of life. The community is defined by a shared appreciation for the arts, local produce, and the great outdoors, fostering an environment of camaraderie. The vibrant farmers’ markets, the lively winery tours, and the serene river trails define the rhythm of life here.
While maintaining its pastoral charm, Woodinville is conveniently close to the urban vitality of Seattle. This juxtaposition enhances the locale's appeal, providing residents with the tranquility of a small-town setting and the benefits of city proximity. This balance is a testament to Woodinville's harmonious blend of luxury and nature, creating an ideal setting for those seeking an enriched lifestyle.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

When it comes to dining, Woodinville offers an array of gastronomic delights designed to satiate the most discerning of palates. The town is home to several high-end eateries, such as the iconic Herbfarm Restaurant, known for its nine-course culinary journey paired with local wines. Barking Frog, another upscale establishment, serves sophisticated Pacific Northwest cuisine in an elegant setting. Local wineries, like DeLille Cellars Tasting Room, offer exquisite tastings of the finest wines the region has to offer.
The shopping scene in Woodinville is equally captivating, presenting a curated selection of boutique stores catering to the refined tastes of its residents. From the chic outdoor living offerings at Molbak’s Garden + Home to the sophisticated apparel at nearby Bellevue Square, there's a shopping experience for every luxury enthusiast. Entertainment in Woodinville has a unique flair, with regular high-end events, including the annual Auction of Washington Wines and summer concerts hosted within the captivating grounds of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

Things to Do

Embracing Woodinville's enchanting landscapes often leads to picturesque trails and outdoor pursuits. For the refined nature enthusiast, the Bellevue Botanical Garden showcases 53 acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, and natural wetlands. Wine connoisseurs can embark on a luxury adventure through the Woodinville Wine Country, boasting over 100 tasting rooms from world-renowned wineries such as JM Cellars and Long Shadows Tasting Room.
A vibrant calendar of upscale events ensures there's never a dull moment in Woodinville. The annual Auction of Washington Wines is a must-attend affair, where one can sample the region's finest vintages and contribute to a good cause. The summer concert series at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery offers an opportunity to enjoy outstanding music performances in a stunning setting. For those seeking a more serene experience, a leisurely paddle along the Sammamish River offers a different perspective on Woodinville's natural beauty.


Woodinville is served by the esteemed Northshore School District, renowned for its comprehensive learning programs. This vibrant community is home to the following notable institutions:
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